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From Darkness to Light: 

Rosary to the Interior, for the Purification of the Church on Feb 2, 2019 (also a First Saturday)

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New Article ( Posted October 24, 2018):  The Third Glorious Mystery: The Descent of the Holy Ghost

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We Have Sinned:

 “We have sinned, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly, and have revolted: and we have gone aside from thy commandments, and thy judgments….O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our princes, and to our fathers that have sinned.” (Daniel 9: 5,8).

Recently, a Sunday homily given by a priest who has a considerable following among those who consider themselves traditional and conservative Catholics, received widespread acclamation in the media. The subject of his homily concerned Communist and Homosexual infiltration of the Church as the source of the present crisis, and the need for purification of the Church. It has been widely praised as both a revelation of the tragic state which has existed in seminaries over the past few decades, a truthful exposition of the root causes of this situation, and a revelation of what is needed for the true purification of the Church

It will be the contention of this article, however, that this homily is only very superficially and partially ”truthful”, and does not reach at all to the root causes of this crisis or to what is needed for the Church’s purification. We choose to focus on this homily as a means of unraveling the inadequacy of the various solutions which are now being proposed for this purification, and in this process, to lay bare the root causes of the present chastisement which is upon us, and what is really needed for the purification of the Church. We also do not feel it necessary to reveal the name of this priest. Since his story is only one among what is almost certainly thousands of such cases, it would in fact seem very appropriate to simply refer to him as “Fr. X”.

A good place to begin would seem to be in the middle of Fr. X’s homily where he offers his justification for his own silence (in regard to the homosexual network and predatory priests) during his years of seminary training (and beyond). It is to be found in the following paragraph:

And people ask, why don’t the good priests speak up? I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, he looked at me and he said: ‘I’ve known about this [the homosexual network within the Church, and predatory priests] for 50 years and you’ve known about it for 40 years. Yep, it’s about time it’s coming out. So why didn’t somebody speak up? Number one if I would have stood here even a couple of years ago would you have believed what I am telling you? Number two, who were we supposed to go to? It was at every single level all the way to the top. You wanted to be ordained a priest, you couldn’t say a word. And even as a priest you can’t”

Father X, and apparently virtually every other priest during these decades, knew about the Homosexual Network within seminaries and about the widespread existence of predatory priests within the universal Church, and they were silent in order to accomplish their goal of being ordained priests. This means, of course, that they were also silent about what they knew must be the ultimate fruit of the existence of this Homosexual Network: the thousands of children, young adults, and seminarians who already had been, or were scheduled to be, the victims of this holocaust of abuse.

Fr. X offers two terrible rationalizations for such silence. The first is that during all that time, nobody would listen – “It was at every single level all the way to the top.” This was simply not true. Certainly, “at the bottom” of the Church, many of those most immediately concerned (parents), who were already profoundly disheartened at the changes and “fruits” of post-Vatican II life in the Church, would have listened and taken precautionary measures. And, of course, there were quite a number of traditional and conservative media sources that would have listened. Many listened to Fr. Enrique Rueda, and took measures to protect their children, when he wrote his book The Homosexual Network in 1982. Fr. Rueda was suspended for his courage and honesty, and suffered for it all of his life until his death in 2009. And many of these same parents were also forewarned by Randy Engel’s voluminous, scholarly coverage of the homosexual network within the Church in her book The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church, published in 2006 (13 years ago). They listened, and very likely many of their children were protected from abuse by the courage and truthfulness of Mrs. Engel.

As for the hierarchy, it is a sad generalization and rationalization to claim that no one would have listened. Certainly they were not all part of this Network. And how were any of them to listen if no one spoke? And if they wouldn’t have listened until there was a certain “critical mass” of numbers of seminarians and priests who had the courage to speak, is there any less obligation upon the first who was called to speak than the one who was a thousand seminarians or priests down the line? The fundamental obligation that we are dealing with here is a man (young though he certainly was) who was supposed to possess integrity in his relationship towards Jesus Christ Who is the Truth. Fr. X and his fellow seminarians could well have learned something from the famed Lutheran minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer (executed by the Nazi’s): “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us blameless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Fr. X’s second rationalization is expressed in the following words: “You wanted to be ordained a priest, you couldn’t say a word.” This is simply to claim that “The End justifies the means”. It is the classic Thomistic definition of all evil – that in order to justify the satisfaction of a desire which does indeed stem from a legitimate part of our human nature, we are willing to use a disordered and evil means to obtain its satisfaction. In this case, the means was betrayal of the truth by way of silence.

The effect of such reasoning and false justification extends much beyond being silent in relation to the above-mentioned evils. It needs also to be noted that during these decades (and still continuing in many seminaries), there was a great of deal of heterodoxy, and just plain heresy, being taught in the seminaries. The further question presents itself, therefore, as to how these seminarians ever passed their many courses in theology and philosophy. How many heretical or unorthodox answers did they write down on their tests simply in order to not make waves and to be able to pass these tests? What sort of essays and dissertations did they write which they knew were necessary in order to receive passing grades, but which in fact, either explicitly or implicitly, denied the truths of Christ? The answer has to be that the vast majority simply gave the answers, and wrote what they knew was acceptable, in order to satisfy the demands of many unorthodox teachers. In so doing, while on the surface pursuing the vocation of being a priest of Jesus Christ, they repeatedly (over many years) denied, or failed to witness to, Christ and His truth.

The inevitable end result of such duplicity and false rationalization upon the mind and heart is spiritual superficiality. One dares not look deep, for in doing so one risks the unmasking of self-deceit. When faced with a crisis such as that which is upon us now, one dares only to offer superficial solutions which do not penetrate to the real sources of the evils that are upon us. In the case of Fr. X’s homily this took the form of seeming to lay the primary blame for the present crisis within the Church upon communist and homosexual infiltration into the Church from without. While such infiltration has certainly occurred, focusing on it as the ultimate source of the present crisis within the Church is simply a means of masking a deeper problem.

In order to uncover the true sources of this priestly betrayal, we must look much deeper. We must look to the religious culture in which seminarians and priests were formed prior to entering the seminary, to the causes of the fundamental lack of moral integrity and fortitude which allowed them to deny the Truths of Christ, and the witness that must be given to these Truths, in order to become a priest. And, of course, in doing this, we go back into the world in which all of us have been formed – the modern world, and the accommodation of all of us to this world.

In considering Catholic families, for instance,, we must realize that if the sons in these families had been formed with any real Catholic integrity, they would never have been able to remain silent to the evils present in seminaries no matter what the consequences. They would have been, to put it plainly, Catholic men (young though they might have been) to begin with. In other words, we are dealing with a virtually universal system of corruption in which vast numbers of Catholic minds and hearts have been poisoned – a crisis which reveals a sickness which is endemic. In the physical realm it can be compared to an immune system which over a long period has become weaker and suppressed until it submits to some viral or bacterial infection which explodes into a life-threatening illness. The silence of Fr. X which he attempts to justify (he never apologizes for it) is simply one of innumerable examples of this deeper malaise.

In our article on The Third Glorious Mystery: The Descent of the Holy Ghost, we explored the reasons as to why the Holy Spirit, Who according to the words of Christ, should flow “like rivers of flowing water” within the Church and the minds and hearts of all Catholics, is bearing so little fruit within the Church. Rather, it would appear that the poisoned rivers of Satan have penetrated into almost all the areas of its teaching and life. We hope that the reader will read this article. For our purpose here, however, we need only point out that if the “rivers” of the Spirit of Christ had been truly operative within the families, the hierarchy, the seminaries, rectors of seminaries, spiritual directors of seminarians, etc. before the attempts at communist and homosexual infiltration spoken of by Fr. X, the grace and wisdom would have been there to discern and prevent such infiltration. In other words, we are here dealing with a situation of decay, of sin, of betrayal of Christ and His Gospel which had long been building before such infiltrations.

Finally, lest the reader be tempted to believe that we are here attempting to put the primary blame upon seminarians, the priesthood, and the hierarchy, we need to turn to an examination of the quote from the Book of Daniel offered at the beginning of this article:

We have sinned, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly, and have revolted: and we have gone aside from thy commandments, and thy judgments….O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our princes, and to our fathers that have sinned. (Daniel 9: 5,8).

This passage clearly links the sins of princes and fathers to the sins of all of the people of God. Daniel might well be considered the holiest and most prophetic man in the Old Testament, and yet he never says, “They have sinned”, but rather: “We have sinned”. He recognized that the Jewish nation was undergoing the chastisement of the Babylonian captivity because of the sins of the whole people.

The Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church is established upon the same principle: namely that, although we certainly now have clear evidence of horrendous sins (and complicity with such sins through silence, etc.) even among the highest members of the hierarchy, pointing our fingers only or primarily at them as constituting the cause of our present chastisement is an act of both duplicity and superficiality. Pope St. Gregory the Great is reputed to have said, “Divine Justice provides shepherds according to the just desserts of the faithful.” Although we would almost certainly be amiss in making of this a perfect one-to-one correlation, or of alleging that every Pope is chosen directly by God, we certainly would do well in considering that, in accord with the words of both Daniel and Pope Gregory, the chastisement that is upon us is the fruit of our own infidelities

It is we who have amalgamated our faith to the world in almost every sphere of our life – in the realms of science and technology, politics, economics, education, entertainment, recreation – in every aspect of both faith and life; and it is we therefore who have merited this chastisement for trying to serve both God and Mammon. All of our articles on the Mysteries of the Rosary have, from one perspective or another, focused on the various aspects of our infidelities as the source of that suffocation of the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and the Church at large, which has produced the present crisis.

We must also forestall any accusation that we are somehow attempting to equate in gravity the sins and infidelities of traditional and orthodox Catholics with the monstrous sins of someone like Cardinal McCarrick, or, for instance, the 301 priests in the Diocese of Pittsburgh accused of child abuse. Nor are we denying in any way the absolute necessity of accomplishing the demands of justice for those who have been victims of this abuse, or of punishing the guilty. What we are asserting is that unless we reach to the much deeper need for purification of the whole people of God, such justice, restitution, and punishment will amount to only a superficial solution to the present crisis; and that after what will almost certainly be a quite short period of what might appear to be some sort of renewal in the life of the Church, an even greater “smoke of Satan” will surely descend upon us because of our superficiality. We must never forget that Satan is the master of the dialectic. He is perfectly willing to suffer a one-step-backward “fix” on the surface of the Mystical Body of Christ, if this in turn encrusts duplicity deeper into the heart of the Church and the souls of individual Catholics.

This is why the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church aims to place every Catholic who loves Christ and His Church in prayer within the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order that She might provide the Light necessary to reveal to us our own infidelities and the grace to overcome them. And this is also why this effort centers upon the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple on February 2 – that Feast which commemorates the day when the Prophet Simeon foretold to Mary that “thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed”. (Luke 2: 35). And since our infidelities are many, and since change within the depths of the human heart takes time, we pray that this united effort towards prayer and purification will become not only an annual event on February 2nd , but also spread to instituting Holy Hours, centered upon the Rosary with this intention, on other Feast Days of the year.

Please read the Original Proposal for this event, and please ask your pastor to implement it.


Pope Francis

And the Sacrilegious Use of the Rosary

 It has been integral to the vision which inspired the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church that the entire Church is in need of purification, and that the most visible aspects of the current crisis of the Church are like cancerous excrescences on the surface of the body, which point to a much deeper malady within. We see this sickness as stemming from two primary sources: the surrender of the intellectual foundations of our Faith (theology and philosophy) to reductive science; and, secondly, to our having nourished an adulterous relationship with this world which tends towards making us an “enemy of God” (James 4:4) and therefore fully deserving of God’s chastisement. In our prayer for the Church’s purification we have chosen therefore not to focus on obvious evils such as the Cardinal McCarrick scandal. We do not believe that any investigation into this scandal (although necessary), or any amount of “getting rid of bad bishops” (including the Pope), will solve the present crisis. This is why we seek Our Lady’s help in reaching to the depths of what is in need of purification within each one of us. As Simeon foretold to Mary “And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.” (Luke 2: 35).

However, absolutely necessary for the integrity of our effort is that the Rosary itself be prayed with intentions which are in accord with the truths of Jesus Christ. The Rosary, being a sacramental, is subject to sacrilegious use. And this is precisely what is now being promoted by Pope Francis.

On September 29, 2018, the Press Office of the Holy See issued a Communiqué in which Pope Francis invited all the faithful during the Marian month of October to pray the Rosary, the Leonine prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, and the prayer Sub Tuum Praesidium to protect the Church from the devil, “who always seek to separate us from God and from each other.” Twice in this communiqué, we are asked to offer these prayers “against the Great Accuser who ‘goes around the world seeking to accuse”.

Pope Francis’ choice of the title “the Great Accuser” for the Devil is not random. It has evolved out of the catastrophic events which have occurred over a period ranging from the last part of August to the end of September, and has a very specific meaning and intention attached to it. We will here briefly describe these events:

On August 22, 2018, former Papal Nuncio to the United States Archbishop Viganò issued an eleven page “Testimony” accusing Pope Francis not only of covering up the McCarrick scandal, but of promoting McCarrick’s status in the Vatican and making him his trusted advisor. He also documented a “cabal” of higher members of the American hierarchy who bypassed the Papal Nuncio in order to recommend bishops friendly to Pope Francis and his “gay-inclusive” agenda. Since that date much of what was in Archbishop Vigano’s Testimony has been corroborated, and there are many bishops who have now called for a full investigation. In addition, there have come to light other instances of Francis’ protecting abusers while he has been Pope, and his defense of a serial abuser (and persecution of his victims) while Archbishop of Buenos Aires. When asked about these accusations, Pope Francis replied, “I will not say a single word about this”, and he has retained this position to this day. At the very least, these accusations demand a thorough and complete investigation.

But Pope Francis, while refusing to answer these accusations, has not remained silent. Beginning on September 11, he began a series of thinly veiled attacks on Archbishop Vigano (without specifically naming him), and others who are demanding a full investigation into these allegations, by equating their efforts with the work of the Devil – the “Great Accuser”.

On September 11, Pope Francis said, “in these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people. The ‘Great Accuser’, as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse.’”

On September 13, he said: “Only the merciful are like God the Father. ‘Be merciful, as your Father is merciful.’ This is the path, the path that goes against the spirit of the world, that thinks differently, that does not accuse others. Because among us is the ‘Great Accuser,’ the one who is always going about to accuse us before God, to destroy. Satan: he is the ‘Great Accuser.’ And when I enter into this logic of accusing, of cursing, seeking to do evil to others, I enter into the logic of the ‘Great Accuser’ who is the ‘Destroyer,’ who does not know the word mercy, does not know, has never lived it.”

On September 14, he said: “Our victory is the cross of Jesus, victory over our enemy, the ancient serpent, the Great Accuser.… And the ancient serpent that was destroyed still barks, still threatens but, as the Fathers of the Church say, he is a chained dog: do not approach him and he will not bite you; but if you try to caress him because you are attracted to him as if he were a puppy, prepare yourself, he will destroy you.”

On September 18, the Vatican News service offered the following summation from Pope Francis’ homily:

“The Pope brought up that it was also the people who yelled ‘crucify him’. Jesus then compassionately remained silent because ‘the people were deceived by the powerful’, Pope Francis explained. His response was silence and prayer. Here the shepherd chooses silence when the ‘Great Accuser’ accuses him ‘through so many people’. Jesus ‘suffers, offers his life, and prays’, Pope Francis said.”

It is clear from all of this that Pope Francis has cast himself in the role of Christ who is silent before the “Great Accuser.” This is in itself blasphemous. Christ’s silence did not mask involvement in sexual abuse and its cover-up. He did not attack those who sought honest answers in regard to such heinous sins, nor did He claim that they were doing the work of the “Great Accuser”. He did not deny justice to the innocent who have been horrendously violated by such sins. Pope Francis’ “silence” in the face of what appear to be justified accusations is not therefore the silence of Christ in the face of the Great Accuser. It is rather the silence promoted by Satan in service to the Father of Lies.

To commit the sin of sacrilege is to “desecrate or steal a sacred person, place, or thing”. The Rosary is a sacramental (and the St. Michael the Angel Prayer and the Sub tuum are also holy things) which, if used with the intention to deceive or commit some evil, entails the commission of the sin of sacrilege. As documented above, this is precisely what Pope Francis is doing with his campaign to pray these prayers against the “Great Accuser”. His actions are especially grievous, because the Rosary is the designated means proposed by Our Lady for our own purification, the purification of the Church, and the conversion of all peoples.

We therefore completely reject this proposal of Pope Francis.

Our rejection is obviously not a refusal to pray the Rosary, but rather the contrary. We ask all the faithful to pray every Rosary For the Purification of the Church in order that, in accord with the mission entrusted by God to Mary’s Immaculate and Pierced Heart, “out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed”. We also ask all faithful Catholics to join us on February 2,  2019, Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, in order to unite in praying, not only for the purification of the whole Church, but also for the purification of the minds and hearts of each one of us.


New Effort!  Please read the following:

It should have become obvious to every Catholic over the past few months that the crises (and they are many) now facing the Catholic Church can only be overcome through interior purification, and that all of our efforts to overcome the evils “out there” (abortion, secularism, terrorism, etc.) are bound to prove ineffective unless they are preceded by the prayer and penance needed to effect such interior purification. Without such purification, it is impossible that the Church, which was sent forth by Christ for the conversion of nations, can come once again to possess the power and grace necessary to carry out this mission.

On February 2, 2019, the double Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, there will occur the Second Annual Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church. We ask all Catholic faithful to join us in this effort by asking their parish priests to implement this event in their local parishes. There are links on this page to the Original Proposal (which explains the purpose and logic of this Rosary to the Interior)), a sample letter that may be sent to priests, and a suggested Holy Hour.

We are also beginning a new phase to this effort, which will enable each person who sees the value of the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church to become a full participant in its success. In the Menu can be found a link titled “Handout”, which contains a one-page explanation and promotion of this event, and which can be copied and distributed in all Catholic venues: Catholic churches, Rosary Marches, Adoration Chapels, Catholic Conferences, etc. We hope and pray that all Catholics who are concerned about the current state of the Church, and especially parents who are deeply concerned about their children and the future of their Church, will see the necessity of personally engaging in this work. Please contact us if you have any questions.


















Original Proposal

The Presentation celebrates the coming of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, into His Temple. It is, in fact, the premier Feast of Light¸ and the Triumph of Light over the Darkness of Evil. Traditionally called Candlemas, it signifies the “success” and triumph of the Incarnation . . . Read More.

Ask your pastor to Implement this Event!

For those who would like to join in this missionary effort, please refer to  our sample letter which you can send to any priests whom you feel might be interested in promoting this initiative.  Since this is a group effort, you may simply assume and sign the letter as your own.

Alternatively, simply find an open Catholic Church in which to pray the Rosary for this intention, either with a group or alone.

We invite the whole world to join us!

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