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Stay Informed!

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A new phase in our effort!


If you see the value of this effort and wish to participate in its success, please download and print our one-page printable handout.  Distribute it to all possible Catholic venues: Churches, Rosary Marches, Adoration Chapels, Catholic Conferences, etc.

Also, please pray every Rosary to include the intention: For the Purification of the Church.

Finally, please consider having a Mass offered for this explicit intention.

Printable Handout (PDF)

Please spread the word about the Rosary!


  1. Is there a hard copy of these mysteries available for purchase? I have an iPad but no access to a printer.
    Thank you in advance for your response!

    • Anthony,
      We very much appreciate your interest, and can only wish we could satisfy your request for hard copies. Possibly you could find someone with a printer to help you out? We have hopes that, when all 15 Mysteries are finished, someone might be interested in publishing them in book form. Just as none of us have any interest in receiving credit for any of the work of this site, so we would have no desire for any royalties or remuneration from such a project.

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Ask your pastor to Implement this Event!

For those who would like to join in this missionary effort, please refer to  our sample letter which you can send to any priests whom you feel might be interested in promoting this initiative.  Since this is a group effort, you may simply assume and sign the letter as your own.

Alternatively, simply find an open Catholic Church in which to pray the Rosary for this intention, either with a group or alone.

We invite the whole world to join us!

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