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We Have Sinned


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We Have Sinned

Very disturbing about what is now happening with the worldwide response to the “coronavirus pandemic” is that there doesn’t appear to be any definitive end to this situation. It now seems firmly entrenched in the collective mindset that this virus is going to be around for a long time; that even if it subsides, it could flare up again severely in the fall, and endlessly on into the future; that there could be other such plagues brewing in the shadows that will require continued draconian measures; that all this seems to implant in our minds the supremacy of medicine and the State; that it might never be safe again to hug our children or grandchildren, or even shake hands with friends; that there may indeed be perceived a justification for the State, at the drop of a viral scare, to continue or reconstitute regulations against public worship indefinitely; and that there is now in place justification for deeper and more universal surveillance of citizens by the state, including such things as forced inoculation, implantation of microchips for the purpose of tracking population movements, etc. Some of the articles online concerning what the State and police are doing to stop any manifestation of public invocation of divine aid are very frightening. It all has the effect of creating a mindset which causes us to crawl into our caves and hide, and to not really believe that “every good gift, and every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration.” (James 1:17). Such erosion of belief in the supernatural source of all gifts and blessings, and the timidity and lack of fortitude which it engenders in souls, is the perfect soil for the forces of Antichrist to cultivate victories in their war against Christ and His Church. And of course most of the hierarchy have rushed with anticipatory speed to lie down in prostitution to this juggernaut.

We may be virtually certain, in other words, that, although the destructive power of the virus may subside, the fertile field which it has created for the “crushing” of the Church and the elimination of the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar (Daniel 7:25) by the forces of Antichrist (especially as embodied in the power of the modern state) will not subside. In our ongoing series of articles covering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their corresponding Beatitudes, we have been exploring the roots of this chastisement, and the sources of betrayal lying deep in the collective Catholic consciousness which have produced this impotency in the Church, especially in regard to living in the power of the Holy Spirit in combat with this spirit of Antichrist. We recommend reading them in succession (the Introductory article is very important):

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Any student of Christian history is quite aware of the widely varying circumstance in which both individual Catholics and the Church as a whole over the centuries have faced severe persecution and assaults from the world.  Often there were very specific heresies behind such persecutions. Or, there were specific political, economic, religious, and ideological agendas which drove them. You could put your finger on the enemy, describe his parameters, and characterize what was wrong and evil in him with a sentence or a paragraph. Both the Church and individual Catholics had something well-defined at which to aim their weapons – weapons of both offense and defense.

But how do we define the assault that is now being made upon Catholicism and upon the Church? And even more important, how do we define the assault that is now being made upon the collective Catholic consciousness? Many terms are employed in the attempt to do so: Modernism, Secularism, Communism, Socialism, Relativism, Pluralism, the Sexual Revolution, Feminism, the LGBT Agenda, etc. The extraordinary thing is that all of the above seem appropriate, and all seem to be part of the many masks characterizing that engine of evil which now seeks our total destruction; and yet the one face which hides beneath these many masks of evil seems to have eluded us.

This is so because this face lies within us.

It is our belief that the current crisis concerning the Coronavirus pandemic, and especially the response of Catholics to this “crisis’, has brought into full view this face which is behind all the other faces of the spirit of Antichrist which are now flooding over the world. It is the spirit of Catholic compromise with, and prostitution to, the world. It has taken a microscopic organism, labeled COVID-19, to expose this visage.

As examined in our Introductory article on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their corresponding Beatitudes, St. Thomas taught that the Final “Conflagration” and Judgment of this world would come about because of the massive descent of Christians into lukewarmness and tepidity, and that this tepidity would itself be the fruit of such Christians living in both exterior and interior “impurity of mixture” with the world.  And at the core of such “impurity of mixture” is denial of the fundamental truth, as formulated by the Apostle James, that “every good gift, and every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration.” (James 1:17).

The Coronavirus “pandemic” has served as a test case for the spirit of Antichrist now seeking universal domination over the Church. The Catholic Church, from any perspective which would take the above scripture seriously, has miserably failed this test.

This above-quoted scripture does not of course negate employing natural remedies in helping solve our problems. But if such remedies are used, and accepted by Catholics, with the effect that they obscure, obfuscate, or deny in any way the above truth concerning the vertical, supernatural source of all good, then they become an occasion by and through which such “impurity of mixture” – and the resultant lukewarmness which this mixture produces – becomes deeply imbedded in our souls. And since the usual channel through which God’s graces flow to the faithful is through the sacraments, any voluntary acceptance and complicity in suppressing the administration of the sacraments is bound to effect this internal change in the collective Catholic consciousness which will produce profound duplicity and tepidity towards God. It is thus that the life of God, which is the “light of men”, dims in the life of our souls until the only possibility for purification is the fire of chastisement and persecution.

What should possibly be most disconcerting  in what is going on, however, is not such things as the tyrannical operations of the State, the hierarchy shutting down churches and the sacraments, the machinations of Pope Francis, etc., but rather the response of traditionalists and others who consider themselves to be faithful Catholics – the very people who would consider themselves to be the “elect”, or as being a true “remnant” of believers.

What we see is a virtually universal posture which proclaims that “they have sinned”, instead of “we have sinned”. We consider evil to mainly lie “out there” in terms of the Vatican II Church, the sins and errors of the hierarchy, the Secular State and forces of Antichrist now almost in complete domination over the Church, the Virus, etc. We consider this to be a chastisement on our hierarchy for their sins, but we do not ask what we have done to deserve such a hierarchy. We do not see into the depths of our consciousness in order to attain to that self-knowledge wherein lay our accommodations and prostitutions to the world which have merited all these chastisements upon us. And this blindness is incorporated deeply into our prayer life. We pray the Mass, the Rosary, our Novenas, and acts of reparation for their sins, their conversion, and for protection from them or that, etc. We do not unite, as did the Ninevites, in prayer and penance as a people who cry out “We have sinned”.

Popes such as Pius IX, Leo XIII, and Pope Pius X clearly saw that the Catholic Church alone possesses the light and the power to build, nourish, and protect Christian civilization. And, tragically, this power and light has now been weakened and dimmed to a point that the Church has largely been reduced to the status of a minor character and victim upon the world stage. The salt has lost its savour, the light is hidden, the bride befouled. And what is most debilitating about this interior pollution, both within our individual selves and the Church as a whole, is that it is self-perpetuating and increasingly blinding. The more compromised with the world we become, the greater becomes the hidden guilt which causes us to be obsessed with the enemy without, rather than doing what is necessary to restore the light within.

Without the self-knowledge mentioned above, this light will never be restored. We shall never engage in that united effort which is necessary for the purification of the Church. And, as we have repeated many times in our articles, it is to Mary that God has entrusted those graces required for obtaining the self-knowledge necessary for this collective purification.  As Simeon prophesied to Mary: “And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.”

Let us therefore first surrender ourselves to Mary in fervent prayer for that self-knowledge which will accomplish the purging of that world within us which now lies down in subjection and accommodation to that world which is without.

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