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The Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church began with a group of lay people who were deeply concerned about the present state of the Church. We realized from the start that there were many different areas of concern, and different emphases concerning the gravity of these problems, and wherein lay the ultimate roots of the crisis. We did fully agree, however, that in the midst of all the problems and disunity involved in these questions, the solution was to be found only In Our Lady and the promise of Her Triumph over all the many forms of Darkness which now threaten the world, and have invaded the Church. In other words, Mary has been given the special mission from Her Son for the purification of the Church and the conversion of the world. It is this purification which is in fact necessary in order that the Light of Christ may once again radiate from the Church for the salvation of countless souls.

We also agreed that in order for this effort to come to fruition, it was necessary for each one of us to “decrease”, and seek no personal recognition. We assure all those involved, and especially pastors who consider implementing this effort in their parishes, that we represent no underlying agenda other than the very specific intention which is given here, and which is elaborated more fully in the Proposal on the homepage. We simply seek to open our hearts through this Rosary to the graces which Our Lord offers through Mary for the purification of ourselves as individuals, and the purification of the whole Church. The Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church is entirely centered upon allowing Our Lady to do Her work and the work of Her Son. In the light of all the sin, error, and disunity now existing in the Church, it is indeed a prayer for the miraculous to occur. And this Our Lady has promised.

Ask your pastor to Implement this Event!

For those who would like to join in this missionary effort, please refer to  our sample letter which you can send to any priests whom you feel might be interested in promoting this initiative.  Since this is a group effort, you may simply assume and sign the letter as your own.

Alternatively, simply find an open Catholic Church in which to pray the Rosary for this intention, either with a group or alone.

We invite the whole world to join us!

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