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  1. I have no doubt that this precious initiative will show its strong effects, not only in the US Dioceses but also here in Germany. Looking back the last month we are witnessing at least a kind of de-masquerading which is the precondition for a real and profound purification. Marx is in decline, not only the old one in Trier, but the new one in Munich. In other words:This Rosary is “working” even in a painful way (for all of us)… and therefore (as a special contribution) I’ve offered the Holy Mass this morning in support for its continuing spiritual success. Mother of The Holy Church, Virgo purissima, help us. Strengthen us. From Germany, Father Ulrich.

    • I am delighted about this initiative. I’m joining a 54 day Rosary Crusade here in the States for the same purpose and the priest promoting it has done this for 4 consecutive times with over 5000 people joining. If you explain to me how you plan to do this, I’ll be happy to join also. Thanks so much for doing this indispensable work of love!

  2. I want to thank all those at Rosary to the Interior for leading us in the Purification Rosary on February 2nd. Our prayers were answered on June 20th when the news of Cardinal McCarrick came out and opened the floodgates for Truth. A number of parishes in Salt Lake City put out the request for this day; and many prayed this rosary. Mary, Protectress of the Faith, come to my aid.

  3. We prayed the ‘Rosary to the Interior’ during our regular first Friday rosary prayers. The ‘Rosary to the Interior’ was also prayed during a well-attended first Friday holy hour at a parish nearby.

    I am very happy to hear of the good response to the ‘Rosary to the Interior’ initiative and also that it will be held yearly.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful initiative. I was able to convince Franciscans at Marytown to pray the rosary in these intentions on Friday night. Even though it was last minute thing we had many people that came especially for that – more than expected.
    I and my wife also took part in the rosary to the border which you mention on your website, what an experience.
    Please keep my contact info, keep me informed about new things and if i can help in any way please let me know, I’d like to be part of this initiative again in the future.

  5. Father Rommel Tolentino, rector of The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Lake Charles, LA, celebrated a high Mass (in the Extraordinary Form) preceded by the blessing of candles and followed by procession from Cathedral to the Civic Center and back, praying fifteen decades of the rosary. A beautiful statue of Our Lady of Good Success (feast day in Ecuador on the same day!) led us. It was wonderful to know we were among many others praying for interior purification of ourselves, our nation, and our beloved Church.

  6. We had 17 people gather 2/2 at 7 pm in our chapel at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Claremore, OK to pray the rosary for this intention.

  7. Here in Germany (Düsseldorf Rhein) it’s now 9.30 am. I’ve just celebreted HolyMass in favour of the purification to the interior. I’ll join your prayer throughout the day, especially by a (personal) Holy Hour at 18 pm (CET ). Hope that there will be much participation all over the world! It would give a strong message to Our Lady and won’t remain without a similary strong response. JMJ! God and his Holy Mother bless you all. Father Ulrich.

    • Dear Fr. Ulrich,
      We deeply appreciate your participation, and especially your offering Mass for this intention. We do indeed see evidence of much participation, and also extensive interest throughout the world. We have had around 19,000 visits to our website in less than 4 weeks, including visits from over 90 other countries. As the reporter for the National Catholic Register said, this has truly become a “stellar”movement, and we are already planning a second occurrence of this event on Feb 2, 2019. It seems especially significant that, just as the event today coincides with a First Friday, so the second will occur on a First Saturday. Thank you for your blessing, and we in turn pray that Our Lady will shower you with many special graces and blessings.

  8. I wish I knew about this sooner, I could have gotten a few people to do it with me. I’ll try to spread the word

  9. Everyone should join, either in prayer at home at a convenient time, or in groups wherever they can, and all parishes and chapels should have this and/or as many organized Rosary events as possible. Of course, it should always be customary to have a Rosary before or after each Mass, and we should try to pray the Rosary daily as individuals and as families, as much as possible. Thank you for organizing this one.

  10. St. John the Evangelist Church in Encinitas (a suburb of San Diego) California will incorporate the Rosary to the Interior for the purification of the Church into a Holy Hour following Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Consecration to Our Lady.

  11. We received the following information about the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church being implemented in a five-parish cluster in the Archdiocese of St. Paul – Minneapolis. We post it here because it perfectly illustrates the “bottom-line” of this effort – individual Catholics simply journeying to any Catholic Church to pray the Rosary (by themselves or in a group) for Our Lady’s Triumph over Satan, and the Triumph of the Light of Christ over all sin and error.

    The five parishes are in the towns of Zumbrota, Pine Island, Goodhue, and Bellechester.

    February 2 – Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church

    “On February 2, 2018 (Feast of the Presentation of our Lord), we will be participating in a national event, titled Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church. I invite and encourage all the Catholics of our parishes, if it is at all possible, to journey the one of our parishes according to the times listed below, in order that, in union with the rest of the Church, we might pray the Holy Rosary for the Purification of the Church and the Triumph of Christ’s Light over the spiritual darkness and weakness in Faith that is evident in our world. You can come at any time during these hours to pray yourself or with a group. Let us join with Catholics throughout our country and world in asking our Blessed Mother, Mary, to share Jesus and His triumphant Light with us and the whole world!”

    Hours for prayer in our Churches on February 2, 2018:

    Church of St. Columbkill open from 10am to 5pm
    Church of St. Mary open from 10am to 5pm
    Church of the Holy Trinity open from 10am to 5pm
    Church of St. Paul open from 9:30am to 3pm
    Church of St. Michael open from 8am to 8pm

  12. I join my prayers to yours, especially at this event on 2nd of February, from Hungary, Budapest. Our Lady is the owner of the Hungarian Crown, and covers Hungary with Her mantle. So, I do dare ask Our Mother to cover you too and protect you all, the American nation with her mantle and protection. I offer my prayers with your prayers to Our Mother Mary to offer Her prayers united with ours to our Lord Jesus Christ, and The whole Holy Trinity. I do this with prayers in prostration in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. God bless you all!

  13. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Lake Charles, Louisiana, will be participating! We are also having a procession and blessing of candles! It will be a glorious day for Our Lady, thanks to Bishop Glen John Provost and Cathedral rector Fr. Rommel Tolentino!

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